X-mas Houses

I wanted to take this opportunity to thank all of the parents who purchased supplies and helped out with our Christmas houses.  I sometimes hesitate to spend the time on this this, but it is a great chance to get the parents in and the students seemed to have a great time with it.

I hope some of you listened to your Radio shows over the break

I hope everyone has had a great holiday.

See you soon.

Radio Show Drama Projects – Presented by Division 16.


Hearken back to the early 1940’s,  before home computers, television and iPod players, when many families spent their Saturday nights glued to the radio.  Famous actors and actresses would perform plays that thousands of people across the country would listen to on the radio.  It was during World War II, and people wanted to escape into radio dramas instead of listening to the news and horrors of the war.  oldtimeradio-1-1-2epting-300x257Stories were told with the addition of theme music and sound effects.  There were many themes such as mysteries, horror, super heroes, science fiction and comedies.  So, for an hour or two every evening.  Some radio dramas were single one hour performances and other radio shows were a series with each show ending in a cliffhanger.  Families would gather around the radio, much like families do with television today, and they would listen to their favourite programs.

For this project, the students of Division 16 wrote stories and then recorded them into a computer program called Audacity.  They were then able to change their voices, add sound effects, commercials and music.  For our very first attempt, the project went quite well. 

storm_fig03a-16542ut-300x214I know that there are groups of students that would like to spend even more time polishing up their projects even further.  Some of the stories take a bit of time to load and some have some quiet and LOUD sections, all things that we have been trying to overcome. Please, feel free to listen to some or all of our stories and leave comments.  It is your constructive criticism that will help make these stories even better in the future.  Here are some of the best examples that we created…

Lauren’s group

Aiva’s Group

Kyla Maddi and Jess

Cole’s group

Sydney Cassidy and Maggie


Are You Ready to Dance? …. the sequel …

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Last year, the Ripple Effect and Huzzah joined forces to dance our way into the holiday season. We’re all set to begin practicing our dancing moves once again and of course all of our readers are invited…


Now, we need to clarify this isn’t a competition. And if you’ve just turned to your friends and quietly ordered them to “Run. Run away fast.” because you think we’re asking you to dance, then just hold tight for a minute.  We are not going to be the ones dancing at all (although dancing in class is fun … I love when that happens).

This dance off involves Pivot Animation. Specifically, this means you will be creating a Christmas or Winter break dancing routine using this program. But why dancing you may ask? Well, we only have 2 weeks of school left before Winter Break, and we know schools in Australia and New Zealand are just about to finish their year. Doesn’t that make you feel like dancing?  C’mon readers time to “bust a move”!

To get a better idea of what we’re looking for, here’s Shania’s and Ryan’s dance routines from last year. I love that we have resident experts in the class!

Extreme Kindness


Last Thursday Morning Brad Stokes did a presentation about Extreme Kindness. Brad, along with three of his friends are trying to make the world a better place with acts of kindness.  He talked about how taking the time to do something nice for someone else makes everyone feel better. Brad reflected on the fact that if one kind gesture is given to a person, and then that person does a kind act to someone else the “Paying it Forward” effect would multiply and many people would have a kind act thrust upon them. Below is a news strory about Extreme Kindness.


Just choosing one of the simple suggestions would make someone have a better day. Remember the choices were to give a high five, do something nice for someone, say something nice to someone or just give a hug. Everyone left the assembly feeling energized and really positive. Hopefully that feeling has not faded too much. The assembly left me feeling good and it also left me with some questions for you.
What was your impression of Brad’s presentation?
Did it inspire you to do something nice for someone else?
Has it changed the way that you think and live your life?

Did You Know?

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There is a great deal of information in this video. What surprised you, or didn’t surprise you about this information? What was interesting about this information. What are they trying to say? What does it say about our world and about our future? Is this a positive, negative or neutral perspective of our world?

Then – What are your feelings about technology? Is it a good thing or a bad thing? Do you think the earth can continue to hold the ever increasing number of people? What are our options? What jobs do you picture having in your future?

My Chili Peppers will be marked on this response. Before they submit they will have to make sure they have the following conponents.
Did you respond in detail to the video using specific examples?
Did you relate this information to yourself and your future?
Did you use proper grammar (paragraphs, capitals, no net-speak)
Did you provide opinions worthy of other people responding to?

Take your time. Be thoughtful.

Tis the (Halloween) Season

This post is written by Mr. Carmichael over at Building Blocks. You’ll find a similar post at Mrs. Braidwood’s Ripple Effect and Mrs. Smith’s Huzzah as well. Chili Peppers, once you have commented on our blog I will be sending you to these other blogs to comment and connect with our Valley neighbours. Visitors, please feel free to comment here or visit the blogs above and spread the blog luv around!

Halloween is this weekend. Regina’s Leader Post has some interesting information in its article.

•Americans are prepared to spend $5.8 billion dollars on Halloween this year.
•Two out of every five Americans are planning on wearing a costume this year.
•The money will be spent on candy, decorations, and costumes for adults, children, and pets.
•The average American will spend $66.28 on Halloween this year, even during these tough economic times.
•This makes Halloween the second biggest money generator for Canadian and American businesses. Halloween follows behind Christmas and leads Back to School for most money spent.
This raises some interesting questions for you to ponder….

Do these statistics surprise you? What do our spending habits around Halloween say about us as a culture?

Are you looking forward to Halloween? What has been your very best costume? What is your favourite candy treat? Do you eat your candy all at once or do you ration it, only eating a few pieces of candy a day?

Looking forward to your spooktacular comments!

Image: Candy Domo by matoutah

What’s Happening on the Internet?

Below is a counter of all the Internet activity around the world.  It is hard to believe that in the time that it took me to create and improve this blog post for the class that 1723 people joined Facebook, half a million tweets occured on Twitter and over three million videos were watched on YouTube.  It can be difficult to imagine how vast the Internet really is.  We are often busy interacting and communicating with our friends and families.  It is hard to imagine the sheer number of people around the world that are doing the same.  Whether it is communicating with someone around the world or just across the street, the numbers become staggering very quickly.

What surprised you the most with this social media counter? Did you click on “1 day” or “1 month” to see how the numbers change? When you watch the counter numbers add up quickly, does it make you think of your time on the Internet and what you spend time doing there? Has it prompted you to make any changes about how you act online?

Your First Homework

Over the years, I’ve had a lot of students ask me, “What is your favourite colour?” For many people the answer to this question pops into their head immediately, but for others it takes bit of thinking.  The metallic British Racing Green of my 1970 Mustang fastback has always been close to my heart.  However, from a young age somehow I knew that a dark blue was my colour.  I am not sure if it is because of my eyes or because it was the colour of Grover, my favourite Sesame Street character.
Recently I have not felt as connected to blue and was looking for some help on choosing a new colour.  So today, I need you to be colour sales people.

I’d really like to know what your favourite colour is, but I’d also like to know what makes that colour special for you. How could you “sell” me on the idea that this is the best colour ever? Is it how it makes you feel? How it looks? Has it always been your favourite colour?

Help me out Division 16!


About Chili Sauce

My first summer into teaching I decided that I wanted more than just marks out of 100.  Someone asked me the hypothetical question of, “What is the difference between a 72 and a 74?”  At that moment I decided I wanted more than just grades, I wanted a vocabulary.  I thought about what was important to me.  The answer, as most of my family will tell you is…food.
From there I followed my stomach to ‘Hot Food’, and from there I arrived at my Great Grandma Bickel’s Chili Sauce.  It was from this delightful, hand crafted, heaven in a jar that my new vocabulary found it’s inspiration.
Phrases such as “Spice that sucker up,”  or “Now that has some heat in it,” add a little bit of flavour to my discussions around student work.  Hopefully the rubric in the attached Word document below speaks for itself.  We create one of these for most assignments throught the year – sometimes on it’s own – sometimes to accompany a more detailed rubric.